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Purchases and valuation

Buy – Sell

We buy and sell everything in relation to numismatics : money, medals, bills, books and documents.

Please contact us, we will examine with care your objects or your collection.

We will make a free estimate and, if appropriate, the best offer possible with upfront payment.


We conduct valuations for successions, shares, as well as for insurance and write detailed expert reports.

Auction preparation

We can rapidly create a sales catalogue and present it online in it's entirety on our website.

We can work with the official auctioneer of your choice or introduce you to ours. Please contact us.


We accept consignment of all or a part of numismatic collections.

We give you two sales options :

  • - Direct sales : presenting your coinage on our website without distinction with those of our stock, they will be sold at the price you have fixed in advance.
  • - Sales on offer : We define the minimum price together beneath which your coinage can not be sold. This is a guaranty for you that they will not be sold undervalued and the guaranty to obtain the best possible auction price.Your coinage will be showcased, with photo and description, in our sales on offer catalogues.

Consignement conditions :

We accept to consign part of or all of numismatic collections.
During a consignement sale, a consignement sales contract will be given to you. This contract commits you to put these objects for a minimum of 6 months. After this delay the coinage can be taken off the sale plateform at any chosen time without any additional costs.

For each object the contract will indicate : The reference number, a discription summary, an individual price for each object. The contract will also indicate the current commission rate (with taxe included).

Upon reception the coinage will be placed under our entire responsibility. The coinage will not be put for sale before the deposit contract will be signed.They will then be presented with other coinage of our stock or figure on our catalogue of sales upon offer.

We assume entirely all errors of identification or authenticity, without any recourse in your regard are not possible.
The prices as are written on the consignment contract are guarantied ; no modification can intervene, without a signed accord on your part.No result obligation can been imposed on us.

In the case of a sale, the counts of the sold objects are sent monthly with the corresponding payment.

For objects whose prices are individually superior to 5000 Euros a capital gain tax of 6.5% will be added to the count.

Every legal modification concerning texts that influence tax rights on capital gain will be immediately applied without any possible recourse.

Customer services


+33 (0)4 67 66 02 92

from Tuesday to Friday from 9 to 12 and 14 to 18 O'clock

Our commitments

All of our articles, coins, bills, medals and tokens are guarantied to be authentic.


We are a member of « SNENNP », Syndicat National des Experts Numismates et Numismates Professionnels (National numismatics experts and professional union of France). We are very concerned about the satisfaction of our customers, you benefit from a « satisfied or reimbursed » guaranty for all of your purchases on the website.

Payment means